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Southport and Robina
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Caring For You

Our Most Important Patient

Comfortable Care

  Both Vision Centre Southport and Vision Centre Robina strive to provide easy access for elderly and disabled patients as well as a friendly and comfortable environment for your visit. You are encouraged to bring a friend or family member to your consultation if you wish.

  On-site cafes are available on the ground floors for those who are not attending your consultation. And, of course, we have a very pleasant, clean and comfortable waiting areas too.


  Vision Centre Southport has a stopping bay in the side driveway allowing easy drop off and pick up of patients and especially for those using wheel chairs or walking frames. One of our friendly staff can direct you to appropriate free parking.

  Disabled parking spaces are available close to the elevators in the Vision Centre basements. Parking at both Southport and Robina is free of charge for those visiting Vision Centre. Southport basement car parking is available free until 5.30pm every week day. Robina parking remains open later but please note that Vision Centre Robina closes at 4.30pm.

A Relaxed Visit

  You will be greeted by competent and friendly doctors' assistants and staff who will help you with the formalities. Please allow at least an hour for your appointment. You will have a vision check, visual field test and possibly dilating drops before you see the specialist.

  You will not be rushed! Your needs are vitally important and we will always ensure enough time is available for your accurate assessment and treatment. Your condition will be clearly explained to you and you will be given a written summary which will also be provided to your other physicians.

No Surprises

  Any surgery fees are quoted in 'black and white' - there are no hidden surprises! Most surgery you may require can be performed in the Southport Day Surgery by a Vision Centre specialist ophthalmologist . Post operative follow up and care can take place at either Southport or Robina as is mutually convenient. Our surgeries carry a 'free care' period for post operative follow up. The length of time varies according to type of surgery undertaken on your behalf.

Togetherness And Excellence

  Vision Centre has your complete eye care as our focus. That means that we enthusiastically engage in optometric co-management with GPs, with other ophthalmology practices and with optometrists the length and breadth of the Gold Coast, and beyond. It also means that every facet of your pre- and post-treatment care is provided by highly skilled professionals. We are able to refer you to an optometrist in your immediate area if you need advice on your eye care. We also work closely with our own optometrist and we regularly involve, and closely supervise, optometrists-in-training with our cutting-edge work at Vision Centre. Your eye health is paramount and we strive to provide excellence.

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